Ministerial Staff

Rt. Reverend

Clement W. Fugh,

Presiding Prelate

Mrs. Alexia Butler Fugh 

Episcopal Supervisor

Women's Missionary Society


Roosevelt Lindsey, Jr.,

Presiding Elder,

Los Angeles South /

Las Vegas District


John Edward Cager, III

Senior Pastor

Ward AME Church

Rt. Rev. Cornal Garnett Henning Sr.,

112th Bishop AMEC (Retired)

Rev. Marian Wright Young,

Assistant Pastor,

Ministry of Youth & Young Adults


Rev. Gerald Anderson,

 Chair of Visioning

Rev. Joe Belle,

Ministry of Men

Rev. Ronea Crockett-Williams,

Ministry of Women

Rev. Lynda Eaton,

Ministry of Fitness & Health

Rev. Jamal Gallow,

Ministry of Marriage & Family

Rev. Edward Grice,

 Director of Christian Education

Rev. Kathy Harrison,

Ministry of Evangelism

Rev. Shirlon K. Jackson,

Ministry of Senior Projects

Rev. Edgar Jones,

Ministry of Recovery

Rev. Sandra Jones,

 Ministry of Pastoral Care

Bro. Martin Porter



Rev. Richard Reed,

Ministry of Outreach

Bro. Roger Reid

Director of Media Services

Rev. Daryl G. Walton,

Ministry of Worship

Bro. Eugene Wright

Director of Social Media